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Be Aware: Recent Indy Home Invasions

Historically, experts have designed security systems to have glass break sensors and motion detectors primarily on main and basement level floors. In recent months, however, there have been a series of break-ins in which thieves are employing ladders to gain access to homes via second floor master bedrooms, stealing jewelry and other valuables, and escaping

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What is a Real Smart Home?

Even the best of explanations can’t do it justice! Many systems on the market today claim to automate your home, but most only focus on one or two isolated systems.  A real smart home takes care of itself and your family automatically. With one local “brain” your home looks after all systems cohesively, and everything

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Home automation: From top to bottom

Of course, you can automate just about anything these days: lighting, climate, TV’s, security, even appliances. When we talk about FULLY automating a home, we’re talking about homes where all of these systems and more are connected and function in the background without you having to lift a finger or raise your voice. For instance,

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Making Your Vision a Reality

Welcome to Intelligent Living Solutions new website! We’re proud to have served the greater Indianapolis area these past five years and are looking forward to all the possibilities the future holds. Whether you’re looking to increase security, design a home theater system, or all the many options of home or office automation, Intelligent Living Solutions

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