The NEW Experience Center in Action

Smart Home Experience Center KitchenThere’s no place like home, and your smart home technology knows it. Homeowners are eyeing smart home technology to customize and automate many functions throughout their homes. Today’s products offer security and simplicity, and more products continue coming to market daily thanks to company investments in the Internet of Things (IoT). Ever wonder what it would truly mean to have a smart home?

Smart home technology is more than your smart plugs and Amazon Alexa devices. Intelligent Living Solutions’ new Experience Center is a space where you can see the possibilities in action. The Experience Center is a full-scale model of a real home, complete with a kitchen, dining space, living space, bathroom, and bedroom. You can visit the Experience Center to see many of the solutions mentioned here and work with our team to custom design a smart home to meet your needs.

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Smart Home Technology Inside and Out

It all starts before you walk through the door. Smart home technology extends to the outdoors to give you peace of mind, giving you your own personal oasis in your backyard or other outdoor spaces around your home.


There are many ways to automate your safety and security around your home. Video monitoring and surveillance, locks, video doorbells, lighting, and security systems, to name just a few. Whether you choose one or a combination of solutions, smart home technology can be customized and leveraged to give you the peace of mind you need while you are home and away.

Outdoor Audio and Lighting

When we think of home, it should give us feelings of comfort and control. Your home is your place to relax and be comfortable. You can bring the indoors outside with outdoor audio and lighting solutions to make your outdoor space comfortable, enjoyable, and unique. Got a pool? Want an entertaining space? Or want cozy lighting to illuminate your backyard? Smart home audio and lighting work together to create the space that works for you. The best part is that you can change and customize it for the situation and mood.  

Think Outside of the Box on the Inside

The real magic happens on the inside the minute you enter the Experience Center. The advantage of smart home technology and automation is that it learns your preferences. It knows what you like through your programming preferences, so you can automate your home experiences. From temperature controls to the position of the shades to how you want your lighting in the middle of the night in case you get out of bed, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Lighting for Your Lifestyle

The Experience Center features many types of lighting, from ceiling to under cabinet lighting. You can customize your lighting to fit your needs throughout the day and in the middle of the night. Not only do you have control of when, how, and why lights turn on or off, but you can also change the colors to help set the mood for special occasions or when a project needs specific lighting. 

Music in Mind

Music often sets the tone for the day or the task at hand. Want to wake up to your favorite song? How about rocking out to your cleaning playlist? The Experience Center showcases the available smart home audio options. There are many types of speakers available to complement your lighting and audio. You might not even notice the invisible speakers streaming seamlessly at the Experience Center. You’ll get a chance to hunt for the invisible speakers while enjoying the amazing audio quality during your visit.

Safety and Security on the Inside

Smart home technology adds a layer of safety and security to the inside of your home. With the ability to install secret rooms, secret panels, and invisible access triggers, take comfort knowing you can protect yourself and your family at a moment’s notice. Access is so secret that clients custom design how invisible triggers open panels and rooms. We can’t give away all of the secrets, so you’ll have to schedule a visit to the Experience Center to see these solutions for yourself.

Bathroom Upgrades

Smart Home Experience Center bathroomThe kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, but we all know we also spend a lot of time in the bathroom. According to studies, you will spend about a year and a half in the bathroom over your lifetime. Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to your favorite music while in the shower or finish that Netflix show while in the bathtub? With smart home technology, you can upgrade your bathroom to include custom lighting, waterproof audio solutions, and screens. Of course, all these smart home upgrades may increase your time in the bathroom. You can check out the options in our Experience Center bathroom.

Experience Center Tours

Smart home technology uses the best wireless, web, and mobile technologies to build a more advanced home automation system. It seems like magic, but we can assure you that it is all a part of the IoT landscape. Tours of the Experience Center are by appointment only so that we can give you undivided attention and show you all the possibilities you can incorporate into your new or existing home. Once installed, you can customize the solutions and automate your preferences to design a space unique to you and your family’s needs.

Smart home technology from Intelligent Living Solutions is intuitive and convenient to make life simpler, safer, and more enjoyable. We are an experienced, authorized installer of smart home solutions. It is our mission to design a custom-tailored system just for you. Contact us to learn more about smart home technologies and the wide range of possibilities to make your dreams a reality.

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