Home Theater Automation Elevates Entertainment

home theater automationHome theaters bring the cinema experience to life in your own home. Long gone are the days of flimsy film and cumbersome reels. Today’s home theaters take advantage of smart technology home theater automation and are designed with comfort and convenience. If you have considered upgrading your viewing experience, especially as we get closer to the Superbowl and March Madness (IU and Purdue are back!), read on to see how this technology wins!

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Advantages of Home Theater Automation

Home theater automation allows you to control every aspect of your home theater. From lighting to audio, you can mirror the cinema experience. The convenience of automation makes it a hands-free experience so you can sit back and relax.


Part of the appeal of the cinema is the masterful audio experience. Music creates suspense and signifies triumph, while dialogue carries the characters throughout the film. Hearing play calling from the sidelines and player commentary in surround sound add color to the big game. Without these audio cues, we aren’t able to understand or enjoy the experience nearly as much.

Given that audio plays such an important part of the viewing experience, your home theater should be able to deliver. Smart speakers and the ability to control the sound is as simple as creating the optimal settings for home theater viewing based on your personal preferences or making changes on the fly with your smart device or remote.


When you think of a movie theater, you often picture sitting in a dark room. Dim ambient lighting directs your focus to what is on the screen. However, contrary to popular opinion, professionally designed theaters don’t sit in total darkness. They usually involve some meticulously crafted dimming and accent lighting so you can slowly transition back to life after the movie or see your way to an outside room.  

Home theater automation sets the scene for your movie so you can adjust your smart lighting to illuminate the room perfectly without interfering with the entertainment. You only have to click one button, and dozens of lights adjust to your command simultaneously.  

Watching movies isn’t the only activity you can do in a theater room. Binging TV shows, playing video games, and watching sports are all more enjoyable on a large display. Home theaters aren’t limited to the basement anymore. They’re in custom designed spaces and have even moved outdoors. With home theater automation, you can build custom scenes with your preferred room settings for lighting and shading. When you walk into your theater, tap “Movie Night,” “Play Xbox,” or “Watch Football” on your smart device and instantly set the perfect atmosphere for your activity.


Once you’ve got the components of an amazing home theater setup, don’t let the seating be an afterthought. Advances in smart technology also include your seating preferences. Once you select the seating that is right for your space, don’t forget to add some special effects, like lighting or movement to your experience. These things can be automated to sync up to the action on screen to make it a fully immersive viewing experience. This can often be added to any theater seating you select so you maintain the aesthetic of your space while creating an unforgettable moment.

Total Control

Instead of having multiple remotes, take total control using a single smart device. Using a single remote with a touchscreen or your smartphone, you can operate the AV equipment, streaming platforms, shading solutions, lighting, and temperature controls. Centralized control is the most convenient and stress-free way to enjoy your home theater. No more separate remotes or spending precious time finding the right one! No more leaving the room to change the thermostat when you want to adjust the temperature. No more standing up to turn the lights on and off.

Business Advantage of Theater Automation

Displaying information in large format is not only for home theaters. Many businesses have installed screens and projectors in their offices and training centers. In years past, connecting to the projector system (often 30 feet or more above the ground) was cumbersome, and lighting was challenging. Implementing smart technology automation in these situations is not only time-saving, but creates an impressive display. A single, smart device that operates all of the features, such as audio, lighting, display, and other media, from one place enables staff to easily and quickly get to the task at hand during an important business meeting.

Installing Home Theater Automation Now

Intelligent Living Solutions installs home theater automation solutions in homes and tech-enabled theater rooms for businesses. With the Superbowl coming up in January and March Madness around the corner, now is the time to schedule your design and installation for the biggest games of the year. Contact us to learn more about implementing this smart technology in your home or business.

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