Safety and Security (and Savings) at the Swipe of a Smartphone

Bluetooth technology has become a household name. We use it daily to to connect the pieces of our technology including phones to our cars for hands-free usage. Turn the lights on or change the thermostat at home. This same technology can also be used to monitor our security at home and at smart building access at businesses for safety, security and savings.

Safety concerns drive changes to building access

With a video surveillance system, you can see who is coming and going, but video alone does not offer a log of who is entering and exiting nor at what time of day. In addition, keys are often lost, and copies cut without permission or logging, so monitoring keys can be a safety concern.

Our client was looking for a way to secure their building, monitor activity easily, and eliminate using a physical key. Intelligent Living Solutions implemented a building access control system using today’s digital and Bluetooth technology. This simple solution took the guesswork out of who has access and gave the building owner total control over who can access the building and who can’t. 

building access control system

Safety and Security

Installing a building access control system has many advantages – the first and possibly the most important is to customize levels of security and safety. Building managers can assign employees access and even control the times or days they can access the building. If an incident occurs, administrators easily know who is in the building by looking at who has come and gone. They can also prohibit access in the future.

Save money

Another reason to consider a smart building access system is that it saves money. Traditional keys get lost and are costly to replace if you have to rekey one building. The access control system alleviates this problem. Some of the more advanced access control systems can also control lights, and temperature, among other things, which ultimately saves money by turning off resources when they are not in use.

Peace of mind

Giving the building owner and the users peace of mind is also beneficial. The ability to walk up to a door and wave your phone in front of the sensor to gain access provides a considerable amount of convenience for users.

Implementing smart controls

Many building access control systems eliminate the use of physical keys. Still, our client didn’t want to distribute anything to users or to keep track of anything. Therefore, Intelligent Living Solutions implemented a building access control system that leverages users’ smartphones.

This Bluetooth phone-based access control system only required staff to download the app to their phone to access the building. Users simply waved their smartphones in front of the sensor to gain entry. Likewise, for administrators, it was as simple as going to a website and adding or removing access whenever necessary. 

Intelligent Living Solutions installed Bluetooth card readers at all exterior entrances to implement this kind of system. An access control panel was added for quick and easy access by authorized users. Finally, all exterior doors were outfitted with electric locks that can be accessed or restricted with a touch of a button on the access panel or in the app.

The convenience this gives building owners, plus the peace of mind knowing that the premises are safe and secure, is worth the investment. Let’s connect if you are interested in installing a smart building access control system at your property. Intelligent Living Solutions is your smart home expert and will help you get started today!

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