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Home Automation and Security Experts

Intelligent Living Solutions has been serving customers in the greater Indianapolis area and beyond since 2013.  Our smart home experts were learning and working within the industry for over a decade before that. Trained in all the newest technologies, we are experienced in the many ways these tools can be used to make life simpler, safer, and more enjoyable. Our clients refer us to friends and neighbors, clients and colleagues, because Intelligent Living Solutions is the trusted name in automation and security. 

We Understand Technology

Does technology fascinate you? Are you intrigued with each new advancement? Do you love the latest innovations even when you don’t understand them?  Not only are we experts in our field, we share your love of cool tech! We invest our time and energy into understanding the latest entertainment, security, and home automation technology to bring you the best solutions for your home or business.

We Deliver Aesthetically Pleasing Results

Technology can do amazing things, but in unskilled hands, it isn’t necessarily attractive. Cords and equipment, even in small quantities, can be disorganized and unsightly. At Intelligent Living Solutions, we take advantage of wireless solutions and behind-the-scenes installation, offering solutions that are both effective and beautiful. 

We Create Efficient Solutions

Are you are concerned about energy consumption, water use, and rising costs? Automating features in your home or business such as climate, lighting, irrigation, and more give you control over usage and efficiency, saving energy and money. 

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