Today’s Smart Home Security Systems: More Than Security

Imagine if your home knew your favorite comfort and security settings for every moment: sleeping, eating, entertaining, working. How you like the lights off and temperature down at bedtime, and how you handle your security routine in the morning. Then, imagine it all happening on your command.

We’ve come a long way since the early days of home security alarm systems. The days of manually entering codes or frantically trying to disarm a false alarm are over for most. False alarms still happen, but with today’s smart home technology, your modern-day security system can create an entire ecosystem of customized, automated activities that make your life more secure and more comfortable, plus greater peace of mind.   

First Line of Defense

smart home security‘s foundation is the safety of your loved ones and the security of your property and personal belongings. According to the FBI, 83% of would-be burglars check for the presence of an alarm system before attempting a break-in. Simply having visible outdoor cameras can prevent your home from being burglarized.

Your first line of defense is a security system, and smart home technology now provides smart home security solutions that are flexible and expandable so you can customize your needs from the beginning. Start with security in mind and build from there. With alerts and customized settings, you can spot suspicious activity and be alerted faster to reduce and prevent incidents.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Who knew a smart home security system could save you money? When the smart home security system learns your routine, it can turn off the lights, adjust the thermostat, lock the windows and doors, ensure the garage door closes, and arm the system when it “knows” you have left the property. It gives you half a dozen things less to worry about on those busy mornings when you’re trying to get out the door.  

These routine activities are not only for when you leave but also when you are home. The smart home security system can adjust to all parts of your day based on your preferences, activities, and settings. Lighting and temperature control are especially helpful for energy efficiency and cost savings. The system recognizes this change and alerts you to a possible disruption if something seems out of the ordinary. You can take action right from the alert on your device. 

Damage Control

The security of your home and personal belongings is not limited to home invasions and burglaries. Fire, carbon monoxide leaks, and water are dangerous occurrences that can have a devastating impact. Early detection could be the difference between limited damage and total loss. has an added layer of defense with smart home technology. For example, toxic fumes spread faster if your heat or air conditioning runs when a fire or carbon monoxide leak occurs. pauses your thermostat automatically when the alarm sounds.

Water can cause thousands of dollars of damage in a matter of minutes. detects leaks and shuts them down. If you’re home, you can turn off your water supply from your app to prevent damage. If you’re away, your smart home security system takes care of it for you. 

Floods are one thing, but unseen leaks can cause damage to your home and wallet. This includes under sinks, behind washers, underwater tanks, and attics. Smart home technology can detect and alert you to unseen leaks and costly issues like running toilets or excessive water consumption.

Added Convenience and Peace of Mind is a complete ecosystem of smart home technology. It allows you to customize and automate many daily tasks that make your home feel like home. You can monitor activity in real-time from the app, so your property and family are safe and secure at home or on the go.

Smart home automation uses the best of wireless, web, and mobile technologies to build a more advanced home security system. A smart home security system integrates seamlessly with other products. That means you can start small with an system or go all in with all the products to build a flexible and scalable system. 

Home automation technology from Intelligent Living Solutions is designed to be intuitive and convenient to make life simpler, safer, and more enjoyable. We are an experienced, authorized installer of products. It is our mission to design a custom-tailored system just for you. Contact us to learn more about smart home technologies and the wide range of possibilities to make your dreams a reality.

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