Partnering with homeowners, builders and remodelers

Technology from Intelligent Living Solutions is designed to beHome automation intuitive and convenient, to make life simpler, safer, and more enjoyable. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating, or simply modernizing, Intelligent Living Solutions smart technology experts are here to design a custom-tailored system just for you that includes security, automation and audiovisual.

Imagine home automation programmed for your lifestyle or workday. Effortlessly enhance interior design with sleek, modern all-in-one smart home switches. Program your environment for perfect comfort.

Listen to different music in different rooms with smart AV systems designed with sleekly hidden in-wall speakers. Feel safe with security systems that alert you to activity anywhere on your property. Enjoy beautiful window treatments that automatically adjust to reduce glare, diffuse light on fine art and protect delicate fabrics from direct sunlight.

Feel comfortable from room to room with smart HVAC systems set to control the temperature, depending on whether they are occupied or empty. Enjoy the comfort of soft lights that automatically illuminate stairways on your way for that midnight snack. When you leave your home or office, turn off everything and arm the security system with the triple touch on the smart home switch.

Outside, irrigation systems water the right areas of a yard based on the weather forecast and ground moisture. Lighting and audio can be set the perfect quiet evening atmosphere, movie night with the kids, or hanging out with friends and family around the pool. Smart systems can fully control all pool systems, too. And we’re just getting started!

See the possibilities for your home. Make an appointment to visit the Intelligent Living Solutions Experience Center.