Smart Home Security and Business Access Control

Smart Home Security With extensive training in both security and automation, the experts at Intelligent Living Solutions will work with you to create a smart home security system or business access control system. Design options include cameras, alarms, sensors and control panels to help you protect the property and people you love from theft, fire or floods.


Designing the Right Smart Security System

At Intelligent Living Solutions, we customize security systems to the specific needs, challenges, and preferences of each client’s property. Rather than tying ourselves to one product, we listen and work together to design around your security objectives for home or business. 


Security and Automation for Your Vacation Home

A second home has its own unique requirements for security. Considerable time may pass between visits, so a security system that allows you to monitor activity and environment is vital. Cameras and sensors are important.

Cameras allow you to monitor your vacation home from wherever you are. Sensors on the other hand allow the home system to regulate the climate, detect and alert you if anything is out of the ordinary, and call for help if there’s a security breach.

Home automation gives you full control. Headed for some rest and relaxation? Adjust the lighting, temperature and turn on some music, so your house is ready when you get there.


Smart Home Security Experts

With a background in both security and home automation, the team at Intelligent Living Solutions has the experience and expertise to help you integrate home security into a comprehensive home control system.