Video Walls Make Stunning Impressions

Not long ago, massive video walls were mainly found on the Strip in Las Vegas, Times Square, stadiums, and control rooms. Technology advances and a lower cost of entry have dramatically changed the visual landscape for both businesses and high-tech homes. You don’t have to go to NYC to see these video walls in action anymore. They are part of your everyday life, and you probably didn’t even realize it!

Video walls are multiple displays seamlessly tiled together to form one large screen. It is the ideal tool to showcase information and entertainment. Many spaces can take on a video wall, from corporate workspaces to lobby signage, public spaces, classrooms, auditoriums, and mission-critical control rooms. You can also see video walls in many high-tech homes and basement theaters.

Our client asked us to create a visual to not only capture guests’ attention but also provide entertainment while they waited. This request required Intelligent Living Solutions to invent a showstopper. We thought outside the box. Actually, we thought outside nine boxes. Intelligent Living Solutions installed a nine-piece display to create a video wall that wows. 

Benefits of Video Walls

9-panel video wall

Video Wall

You only get to make a first impression once. Video walls are the perfect solution. This seamless technology immediately grabs viewers’ attention – not only because of the scale but because of the abundance of color and resolution. Plus, the seamlessness of the displays provides an uninterrupted picture without the borders of traditional monitors.

Save time with new applications

With older AV infrastructure, updating a single display would require someone to load new content onto a USB thumb drive, then physically go to the display and update just that one unit. Using a smart technology platform, you can instantly update content on any display from your computer, smartphone, and even remotely, saving time and frustration.

Flexibility at your fingertips

When there are multiple screens, you can display one consistent piece of content across all screens for a seamless experience, or you can display specific programming on individual screens. In addition, this option is flexible because video walls can grow in size without having to replace entire displays but simply by adding more units to increase the canvas size.

Elevate your brand experience

Any business can benefit from increased brand recognition and a high level of preference by customers. A video wall can help businesses achieve their goals by displaying content in a more extraordinary fashion. It is much more engaging than the standard digital display or printed brochure. In today’s hyper-digital world, video walls give movement and speak directly to customers, whereas a static piece never allows this kind of interaction.

Video Walls Bring a Boring Lobby to Life 

Our client selected the nine-piece video wall to offer a more dynamic experience in their showroom. This video wall allows them to show brand content across all screens or choose specific content for each screen. They can do all of this from a webpage, giving them the flexibility to make changes in real time without ever having to touch any of the screens. 

Video walls work in any business environment and provide a way to communicate information or surprise and delight your customers. Video walls are also a great addition to any in-home theater or family living space. Having the luxury of watching multiple stations simultaneously means no one is left out. If you are interested in adding this technology to your space, contact us today to set up an appointment.

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