Smart Business Automation for Office and Commercial Properties

smart business automationWe partner with commercial property builders and owners to create smart business automation plans that feature innovative technology and security systems. Modernize business spaces using the most recent AV systems or build using the latest automation trends and security tools.

Business Surveillance Systems

Security is more important for business owners than ever before. Intelligent Living Solutions will work with you step-by-step to determine the best way to safeguard your physical property, data and digital assets, and employees. Whether your business requires a simple after-hours security system or a complex multi-faceted approach, our experts will design and implement a strategy that works for you.

Commercial Automation Solutions

Commercial properties provide the perfect environment to implement automation solutions. Imagine office space that draws your clients to you and makes work more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable for your employees. With features like climate control, lights, audio/visual, intercoms, and more, Intelligent Living Solutions has a proven track record of creating custom automation solutions designed to make your commercial space work for you.