Intelligent Living Solutions Serves Up Smart Technology For Nine Years

This month, Intelligent Living Solutions celebrates nine years of serving clients with the best in smart technology. The team and their families gathered together for the annual company birthday party, not only to recognize this milestone, but in celebration of each and every staff member. This highly anticipated staff event honors employees, the people who make Intelligent Living Solutions a success every day.

Intelligent Living Solutions team

We caught up with Intelligent Living Solutions’ owner, Dan Killinger, to learn more about his nine-year journey and hear what he sees for the future of smart technology.

Back to the Beginning

Nine years ago, the business was Dan with a dream. He had a healthy head start with his landscape business, yet he recognized a “smart” opportunity in front of him—a business offering smart technology for both indoor and outdoor spaces. With more and more landscape clients asking for outdoor automation, he seized the opportunity by opening Intelligent Living Solutions to focus exclusively on smart technology solutions for home and business automation.

Dan credits the company’s growth to the people he has surrounded himself with and a business coach that pushed him beyond his comfort zone. The business’ core values provide a strong foundation that puts client satisfaction first and encourages growth, ownership, excellence, innovation, and synergy.

“It really is about the people,” Dan says. “We’ve hired the right people and built upon the core values and beliefs that we’ve had from the start. We’ve grown rapidly, especially during COVID, but we made the right decisions to hire the right people at the right time.”

He leans on other business owners for guidance and support and also gives appreciation to his clients for referring Intelligent Living Solutions to their friends, family, and colleagues. To continue to grow and learn, Dan listens to podcasts about business ownership as a way to increase his overall business acumen. 

The Future of Smart Technology

If there is anything that advances quickly, it is technology. Dan has been most surprised over the years about how quickly smart technology has evolved, advanced, and become more mainstream. COVID presented an unprecedented opportunity no one could have predicted. While clients were quarantined at home, they started renovating and improving their homes with smart technology, which led to a burst of growth for Intelligent Living Solutions.  

One of the things that Dan often hears from people considering smart technology is the assumption that it can’t be implemented because of the expense or the process. Ideally it is easiest to start during the building process but that’s not the only time. Oftentimes, smart technology can be incorporated during a renovation or remodel. The bottom line is you can start small at any time then scale and integrate as much as you want for your home or business.

“We really try to understand the client’s goals: is it convenience, cost-savings, a tech factor, or something else?” Dan asks. “We can customize any solution to meet the client’s needs, but it is really helpful to understand how the person lives and works to install products that make their lives easier, safer, more convenient, and more comfortable.”

As smart technology continues to advance in all areas, Dan sees it getting even smarter specifically around energy consumption and energy management, particularly as utility costs and inflation continue to rise. Automating energy usage is one way to reduce wasted energy and cut costs to save money.

Intelligent Living Solutions’ Experience Center

Intelligent Living Solutions has been leading the way for nine years and the team looks forward to continued growth and providing products as smart technology continues to evolve. The company recently cut the ribbon on their Experience Center, which allows clients to see smart technology in action. Clients can see, touch, feel, hear, and learn how to incorporate smart technology into their space. Curious how to make your life simpler with smart technology? Come see what it’s all about. Make an appointment today!

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