Installing Smart Home Technology

Many home and business owners are investing in incorporating smart home technology into their properties. The added benefits go far beyond simply being tech-savvy. With an endless amount of configurations and settings, smart home technology makes a house or business more comfortable, more secure, and more efficient.

When to Plan for Installing Smart Home Technology

With so many options available, it can leave many people asking, when is the right time to install smart home technology? The smart tech experts at Intelligent Living Solutions hear this question a lot. The answer is: during planning! Planning to install smart home technology during the design phase of any project is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Planning ahead: By considering smart home technology during the design phase, you can prepare for the necessary wiring, power outlets, and other infrastructure needed to support the devices. This can save time and money compared to retrofitting an existing home. It can be planned for a new home build or during a renovation.
  • Customization: You can customize the layout and functionality of your home to better integrate with smart technology. For example, you can plan for a centralized location to control all devices or design a room with smart lighting and temperature control.
  • Cost savings: Installing smart home technology during the design phase can be less expensive than retrofitting an existing home, as the necessary infrastructure and wiring can be incorporated into the construction process.
  • Scalability: During the design phase, you can plan for future expansion of your smart home system, such as adding more devices or incorporating new technologies as they become available.
  • Convenience: Integrating smart home technology during the design phase will make it more convenient to use and control the devices; you can easily access and manage all devices from one central location.

While planning for installing smart home technology during the design phase is the most ideal time due to the opportunity to incorporate the necessary components during construction, it’s still feasible to install smart home technology in an existing home. With a little planning and some adjustments, it can also be done efficiently and cost-effectively as a retrofit or during renovation.

How to get started with Installing Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology goes beyond Alexa devices and Nest thermostats. These devices are just the tip of the iceberg when incorporating smart home technology into your projects. To better understand how to get started to maximize your opportunities, check out the steps below.

  1. Take a tour of the Experience Center. This full-scale model of a real home is complete with a kitchen, dining space, living space, bathroom, and bedroom. You get to see many of the solutions in action to fully understand the capabilities and customizations available to you at your fingertips.
  2. Align with your needs. Now that you know what is possible, you can decide what you want at your house or business. We always aim to create a design plan that best fits our client’s lifestyle.
  3. Determine the installation process. Whether it is a new build or a renovation design, make sure your smart home technology experts work alongside with the appropriate contractors to ensure everything is compatible with your new or existing infrastructure.
  4. Approve the design plan. This includes everything from where to put touch sensors to the placement of lighting, speakers, control panels, and other devices or mechanisms. Hence, the end result fits your needs and aesthetics.
  5. Intelligent Living Solutions will complete the installation or work in partnership with your existing contractor to ensure the design plan is followed.
  6. Smart Living. Once complete, a smart technology expert will customize the settings you prefer and then the system will begin to learn how to automate the technology based on your lifestyle and needs to create a safe, comfortable, and convenient space.

How long does it take?

Smart home technology can be implemented quickly when the products are available and the schedule permits; however, as you can imagine, the timeline varies greatly on the size of the project, when the installation is set to begin (during the design phase or retrofit), product availability, and necessary integration points with other systems.

Ready to get started?

The first step is to learn about the possibilities. It is always best to start early during the design phase. Still, even when that is not possible, our Experience Center will give you a look into how to incorporate smart technology no matter where you are in the process. Schedule a free appointment to tour with our smart technology experts today!

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