5 Reasons You Need Outdoor Smart Home Lighting

For many homeowners, one of the best features of their outdoor space is their use of outdoor smart home lighting. From architectural lighting to decorative lanterns and walkway lights to automated pool lights, these additions to your property can make any landscape look warm and inviting.

Smart Home Lighting for Landscapes

Smart home technology is a bonus to most lighting options. You can automate when the lights turn on and off, how they appear at certain times, change with the seasons, and save money through energy efficiency. Outdoor lighting can do more than highlight your yard’s best features. Here are five reasons why outdoor lighting is highly beneficial.

Safetysmart home lighting outdoor steps

If your property has a long driveway or walkway to the entrance, outdoor lighting can highlight the path, so walkers don’t miss a step or trample your flowerbeds. Outdoor lighting also plays a significant role in pool safety or other outdoor hazards that may cause someone to trip or fall. Relying on street lights or just the light from a neighbor’s house to guide you and your guests isn’t the best idea. Incorporating path lights along walkways is a much more practical and safer solution.


According to the FBI, burglaries occur once every 22 seconds. With that in mind, there’s no doubt homeowners are looking for the best ways to protect their property. Authorities have long suggested that lighting can help to deter crime. Thieves typically skip targets that appear like they would be easily seen, like well-lit areas. Adding outdoor lighting to your comprehensive security system helps protect your home.

Outdoor Living

We often look for ways we can extend our living space. Adding lighting to your backyard and patio areas is one way to add additional square footage to your home to enjoy after dark. Warm and inviting lighting can create the perfect space to entertain or keep the party going, especially when the days get shorter with less daylight to take advantage of the outdoors.

smart home lighting christmas Decor and Holidays

When you think of holiday lights, images of Clark Griswold’s dazzling display of string lights covering the whole house may come to mind, but today’s outdoor lighting can do much more! With automated technology and the opportunity to match the lighting scheme to whatever holiday you celebrate, your house will be ready to go. Not only that, you don’t have to risk life and limb to install the lights every year. 

Curb Appeal

In today’s real estate market, curb appeal can be everything. The proper lighting can not only highlight some of the best features of your home but can also give you an edge over other properties. Generally speaking, any additions and upgrades to your home can increase your property value. Smart home lighting for outdoor areas, being a technical addition, is one way to increase the curb appeal and potentially increase your home’s market value.

Smart Home Technology Experts

Today’s smart home lighting technology can make any outdoor space safe and comfortable. Intelligent Living Solutions installs smart home lighting both indoors and outdoors. Our company’s roots were planted in outdoor landscapes and lighting before we focused on incorporating smart home technology indoors and outdoors. Plan a visit to our Smart Home Experience Center to see lighting options and smart home technology in action. 


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