Must-Have Smart Home Tech Innovations

The smart home tech revolution isn’t stopping any time soon. The latest innovations in smart home technology are all about making your home more comfortable, convenient, and helpful. Our founder, Dan Killinger, visited with Loxone to learn more about emerging technology. As a Loxone Platinum Partner, Intelligent Living Solutions is capable of designing and implementing smart home projects featuring Loxone products.  Dan shares some of the newest technology coming to a home near you sooner than you think.

Smart Home Energy Management Innovations

Energy management is no longer a complex task. With a smart home, you can effortlessly control your home’s temperature and lighting for maximum comfort and efficiency. Smart window coverings adjust with the weather and daylight, ensuring a pleasant environment. Smart appliances, integrated with your home’s energy management system, work together to run more efficiently. Everything is connected, making small adjustments to save energy add up to savings over time. The best part: it is all managed without you needing to lift a finger.

Decor-Forward Smart Home Tech You’ll Love

Forget clunky devices—the latest innovations are designed with style in mind. From lighting automation that creates the perfect ambiance to using fire features to accent a room, technology is as stylish as it is innovative. Add smart home art, and your space becomes highly customizable with unique pieces to match your tastes and style. Not feeling it? You can switch up whenever you feel like it!

Health-Focused Smart Home Advancements

Imagine a home that provides comfort and convenience and cares for your health.  Automated homes can monitor carbon dioxide levels, light quality, and air filtration systems through sensors around your home. This data can be crucial for living a healthy life in today’s tightly sealed buildings. In the background your home is balancing light, temperature, and air quality to maximize circadian rhythms.

The future is here, and it looks pretty smart. Look for energy management systems that save you money, beautiful smart home decor, and health tech that keeps you well—these smart home innovations will shape your everyday experiences.

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