Why Build a Smart Home?

Technology is making its mark on every aspect of our lives. It’s more than computers and smartphones. Homeowners want, and expect, basic smart features in their homes – things like climate control, security systems, locks and video doorbells. But smart homes have so much more to offer!

Comfort, security, convenience, and efficiency

Smart home technology is about automating tasks we do in normal, everyday life. Climate control is a piece of that pie, but so are features like

  • Lights that automatically engage when you enter a room, at a brightness informed by the time of day;
  • Bathroom fans that run based on the level of humidity in the room;
  • Sensors that issue an alert when an appliance has been left on, a leak is detected, or that shut off the HVAC system in the event of a fire preventing recirculation of smoke;
  • Irrigation that knows which zones to water based on forecasted weather and ground moisture;
  • In-ceiling speakers that allow you to play different music in different rooms, alert you to someone at the door, and operate in an entirely different mode depending on whether or not the baby is sleeping.

The possibilities for this kind of technology are both endless and exciting!

Smart home technology is also on the cutting edge for homeowners who require assisted living. Referred to as “aging in place,” loved ones and caregivers are able to rely on the home itself to ensure the temperature stays at the right level or that gas appliances are not left on. It offers soft pathway lights at night to prevent falls and allows the resident to interact with a stranger at the door without opening it. It can even prompt reminders for eating and taking medicines or warn the homeowner that bathwater is a little too hot. It’s the comfort and independence of home coupled with assurance for family members that their loved one is safe, and that if anything is out of the ordinary, they’ll receive an alert.

Not all smart home technology is created equal

That’s not to say all smart home technology is equal or helpful. Some smart home companies are married to a particular brand or push a one-size-fits-all solution. These can prove a costly approach, don’t quite fit the homeowner’s needs, and then prove unreliable.

Another unfortunate scenario is the homeowner who sees an ad, buys a technology from the local hardware store, and installs it themselves.  Though this can sometimes be done successfully, add enough features and the homeowner is left chasing remotes and apps, frustrated that the features don’t work together and there’s too much juggling involved to make it all work. This, of course, entirely defeats the purpose of a smart home.

At Intelligent Living Solutions, instead of subscribing to that one-size-fits-all model, we create tailored solutions for our clients and their families. Our team of dedicated professionals work hand-in-hand with builders, remodeling companies, and homeowners every step of the way. We get to know our clients needs and desires, and work to help them realize their smart home vision whether that’s in their primary residence, vacation home, or office. While we may use a variety of manufacturers in the process of achieving the client’s dream smart home, we also acknowledge the importance of each system working collaboratively, making the user’s experience intuitive, convenient, and enjoyable. So, there’s no need to clutter the room with remotes. The client can monitor any of their smart home’s activities from a single app on their phone or tablet, or simply allow it work in the background without having to raise a finger.

Wondering where to begin?

Interested in smart home technology and wondering where to begin? While retrofitting a home with an entire spectrum of available smart home technologies is something we do every day, there isn’t a better time to transform an ordinary home into a smart home than during a build or major remodel. It allows us to influence the behind-the-walls design, so the home can provide all the potential for safety, enjoyment, efficiency, and convenience that a true smart home has to offer.

Having designed and implemented smart homes right here in the Indianapolis area, we’ve established a reputation for reliability, great communication, integrity and quality. Our clients refer us to friends and neighbors, clients and colleagues, because Intelligent Living Solutions is the trusted name in smart homes. We’d like to be YOUR smart home experts too!

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