Water Damage Prevention with Smart Technology

water damage prevention with smart technologyOwning a home is one of the largest and most rewarding purchases a family can make. Installing a centrally-monitored security system, keeping smoke and carbon monoxide detectors working properly, and having routine maintenance performed by local professionals are all great steps towards protecting it for many years to come.  Often overlooked when considering home security and protection, however, is water damage prevention with smart technology.

The Insurance Information Institute reports that water damage is the second most frequent claim seen by homeowners’ insurance companies. It is a very close second to wind and hail damage, and more than fire and theft combined! Although we’re at the mercy of Mother Nature when it comes to wind and hail, water damage can be a very different story. With such a high volume of claims, costing an average of more than $7,500 each, insurance companies are starting to take note of the latest technological solutions. They even offer discounts for families who install water damage prevention products. Moreover, water damage isn’t just costly. It’s both frustrating and inconvenient for those families who face more extensive restoration, some even needing to relocate during repairs.

Water sensors

Placed in strategic locations, water sensors have long been the solution of choice and are a great option. Water sensors:

  • Use wireless technology, so they can be placed anywhere in your home;
  • Emit a tone the moment they make contact with water;
  • Issue an alert to your smartphone, tablet, or email, letting you know where the leak is located.

Flow sensors

With advancing technology like artificial intelligence, new options have also emerged that expand the capacity for detecting and managing drips and leaks, options like flow sensors. Installed on the water main to the house, the system monitors for leaks and drips 24-7. Better yet, these flow sensors are able to pro-actively learn your family’s water habits, enabling them to better alert you to anything out of the ordinary. Flow sensors can:

  • Run a daily pressurized check of all water lines;
  • Detect water leaks behind walls;
  • Alert you to drips and leaks so you can investigate before they cause damage; and

Water Shut-off Control System

In helping to prevent catastrophic damage, water shut-off control systems allow you to turn off your main water supply right from your smartphone.  Too much water flowing for too long? The flow sensor system can trigger the water shut-off control system automatically. You don’t even have to be home to stop the damage!  

Interested in protecting your home by adding water and/or flow sensors? Contact us today to find out how we can be YOUR smart home experts!


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