Spring Break Security

Spring Break is right around the corner providing a beacon for thieves just waiting on the opportunity for an empty home. Stay a step ahead by taking some precautionary measures to make sure your home and personal property stay safe while you’re enjoying time away at the beach.  

  1. Security system – The best line of defense is to have a security system that is centrally monitored. The system can include window and door sensors, glass break sensors, cameras and more. The system will alert the central monitoring company who can then dispatch the police, should anything be awry.  Modern systems can even be monitored from your smartphone, allowing you to engage locks and view video footage from wherever you may be vacationing. Already have a security system? Be sure to arm it when you leave.
  2. Don’t celebrate too early – Posting on social media about your upcoming vacation, leaving voicemails letting callers know you’ll be out of town, and sharing photos while you’re still on vacation are all invitations for illicit activity. It’s better to create an atmosphere of “business as usual” until you return home. Only tell friends and family who need to know, like neighbors who might be helping keep an eye on things while you’re gone. If you can’t resist posting photos of all the fun you’re having, make sure they’re only visible to a select few. Need to change your voicemail for work? Keep it as vague as possible.
  3. Lighting – Light up exterior areas of your home that might be otherwise dark or hidden from the neighbor’s view. Motion-activated sensors on outdoor floodlights are a great way to deter prowlers. For the interior, put at least one light on a timer, preferably in a room you would normally use in the evening hours, and leave the blinds and curtains as you would normally leave them. Remember, we’re trying to achieve that “business as usual” atmosphere.
  4. Ask for help – Mail and newspapers that begin to pile up are another dead giveaway that no one is home. Ask a neighbor or relative to help collect deliveries. They can accumulate it all in their own home until you return or, with smart locks, you can grant them access to your home (either giving them their own code so you know when they’re inside the house or unlocking the door for them with a simple click of your smartphone). Allowing trusted friends and neighbors to enter while you’re gone also allows them to do a quick walk through every few days to make sure all is well. You can even invite neighbors to park in your driveway, creating the appearance that you’re home.
  5. Get a video doorbell – Video doorbells are useful in so many situations that it really is a “must have” for any home. Someone comes to your door while you’re on vacation, they ring the bell, the bell rings on your smartphone and you answer it just as if you were at home. No one ever need know you’re out of town.
  6. Finishing touches – A few more things to mention before we close. Check batteries on your automated locks and smoke alarms to make sure they don’t need to be changed. Visit each room (don’t forget the basement) to ensure that all the doors and windows are closed and locked. Leaving a car in the driveway? Bring the garage door opener inside so that thieves can’t break into the vehicle and gain easy access to your home.

A few simple steps mean you can be a LOT more relaxed while you’re away this Spring Break. Need a little help securing your home before you leave? Contact us today to find out how we can be YOUR smart home experts!