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Protect People and Property

With extensive training in both security and automation, the experts at Intelligent Living Solutions will work with you every step of the way. Together, we will create a security system designed specifically to address your needs and desires.  Using tools such as cameras, alarms, sensors, control panels, and more, we can help you protect both people and property from risks such as intrusion, theft, fire, flood, and carbon monoxide.

Monitoring Your Vacation House

As a valuable asset and cozy retreat, a second home has its own unique requirements for security. Since considerable time may transpire between visits, a security system that allows you to monitor activity and environment is particularly vital. Cameras and sensors are two very important ways of achieving this. Cameras allow you to monitor your home from afar. Sensors on the other hand allow the home system to regulate the climate, detect and alert you if anything is out of the ordinary, and summon help in the event of a security breach. On your way to your vacation house? Home automation allows you to adjust the lighting, temperature. and more so your house is ready when you get there. 

The Right Home Security System for You

Home security is a big business and often it is a one-size-fits-all operation. Some Indianapolis security system companies will sell every client the same system or type of system. At Intelligent Living Solutions, we view home security quite differently. We believe security must be customized according to the specific needs, challenges, and preferences of each client. Rather than tying ourselves to one product, we listen and work together with you to achieve your security objectives. 

Smart Home Security Experts

With a background in both security and home automation, the team at Intelligent Living Solutions has the experience and expertise to help you integrate home security into a comprehensive home control system. 

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