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Protect People and Property

Our security solutions help you to protect people and property from risks such as intrusion, theft, fire, flooding, or carbon monoxide. Intelligent Living Solutions will assess your needs and desires and help you determine the best security option for you. We can help you design the right security system for you by utilizing tools such as cameras, alarms, sensors, control panels, and smart home features. With broad knowledge of both security and automation, we can install a complete smart home security system for you.

Monitoring Your Vacation House

A vacation home or lake house will often be unoccupied. Yet that doesn’t mean you don’t care about protecting it. As a valuable asset and a place to get away, a second home has its own unique requirements for security. Since weeks may go by without your presence, a security system that allows you to monitor activity and environment can be particularly important. Cameras provide an opportunity to keep an eye on things even while you are away, and sensors allow you to control the climate remotely. With home automation, you can even get the lighting and temperature ready for your arrival.

The Right Home Security Systems for You

Home security is a big business and often it is a one-size-fits-all operation. Some Indianapolis security system companies will sell every customer the same systems or the same type of system. At Intelligent Living, we view home security differently. We believe it is a personal matter which will differ according to the specific needs, challenges, and preferences of each customer. We are not tied to one product or set of products that we push on our customers. Rather, we listen to our customers’ thoughts and then make our recommendations based on each individual circumstance. We will work with you to achieve your security objectives. And the best part is that there are no long-term contracts with our security products.

Smart Home Security Experts

The experts at Intelligent Living have both experience and expertise. We can help you address your security concerns with the best available technology. As experts in home automation as well, we can help you integrate security into comprehensive home control systems.