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Commercial Technology and Installation Services

Automation, entertainment, and security are not just for homes. Each of these can be very valuable within a business as well. We help companies to take advantage of technology on their property. We commonly provide businesses with a wide range of security options and access to a whole host of automation opportunities. Our flexible service offerings range from installing televisions in your waiting room, restaurant or bar to setting up business surveillance systems. Tell us what you need, and we will make it a reality.

Business Surveillance Systems

Businesses have an obligation to consider security. They must protect physical property, employees, and even data and digital assets. Intelligent Living Solutions can help you to take inventory of your needs and make a plan to safeguard your resources. Whether your business requires a simple security system for after-hours or a complex multi-faceted approach, our experts will devise and implement a strategy that works for you.

Commercial Automation Solutions

The commercial environment is the perfect place to implement automation solutions. Often commercial properties are empty for a significant time at night so being able to automate climate controls and necessary functions is helpful. Intelligent Living Solutions works with business owners to address specific needs and implement effective solutions.