Take Your Smart Technology to Outdoor Living

Spring has brought us warmer temperatures and beautiful sunshine, and with those changes, we naturally transition from indoor life to outdoor fun. But we don’t need to leave indoor smart home automation behind, nor do we need to go very far to truly enjoy the outdoors. Smart technology for outdoor living allows you to extend your indoor living space to your backyard so you can enjoy all the same conveniences outdoors.

Many Uses of Smart technology for Outdoor Living

Whether you’re looking to relax in solitude or increase the quality of time with family, watch the game while you bar-b-que or host a simply amazing outdoor dinner party, smart technology for outdoor living offers so many possibilities to increase the comfort, security, and efficiency of your outdoor space. Smart technology can be as simple as a single feature, as encompassing as a full-automated smart home, as well as everything in between. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is about aesthetics AND security, but turning on lights throughout the exterior of your home each evening isn’t exactly convenient. Smart lighting can help! Motion detection lighting automatically triggers walkways welcoming guests and warning intruders. Scheduling lights to create scenes sets the perfect atmosphere for a quiet evening alone, hanging out with friends and neighbors around the pool, or creating that  “business as usual” atmosphere to ward off would-be intruders while you’re on vacation. Lighting can even be done with solar, saving both energy and money.

Outdoor TVs and Projectors

Ever miss the winning play while you were manning the bbq pit? Bring the entertainment outside! Outdoor TVs and projectors are weather-proof and glare-free. And projectors retract when not in use so they don’t take up any extra space on your patio. Just imagine… movie night with the kids under the stars, your favorite daytime drama next to the pool, and during games, you’ll never be alone at the bbq pit. Your guests will flock to you.

Outdoor Audio

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, gardening, or watching the kids play on the swingset, outdoor audio allows you listen to your favorite playlist. It sets the perfect atmosphere for hosting friends and neighbors, and is what makes the game come to life on your new outdoor TV. Outdoor audio provides the perfect touch for outdoor living and needn’t take up space. Hidden speakers look like rocks and flower pots or can blend into shrubbery. If you have a patio, in-ceiling or in-wall speakers are a great addition, allowing all your favorite audio to follow you outdoors without distracting the neighbors.

Smart locks and Video doorbells

Smart locks and video doorbells provide a level of security and convenience whether you are indoors or out. Entertaining guests in the backyard when another guest arrives? The kids are playing in the pool when the doorbell rings and you can’t leave them unattended. There’s no need to excuse yourself each time someone comes to your door! Video doorbells alert you to newcomers and allow you to interact with them right from your smartphone.  And smart locks allow you to unlock the front door, letting them in without you leaving your other guests or turning your back on the kids.

Pool Automation

You’re sitting at work and you’re already counting the minutes to your after work pool party. Planning ahead, you adjust the pool temperature so it’s ready the minute you get home. Sound too good to be true? Not at all. With pool automation, you can do it all, right from your smartphone. Automating your pool means you can heat it up in cooler weather and cool it down in the summer, control the pump, water level, salt chlorination, pH balance, filtration, jet system, pool cover, and more! Having a pool has never been easier or more fun!


Keep forgetting to run the sprinklers (or forget to turn them OFF after it has rained)? It’s not a problem! Smart weather stations keeps an eye on the weather for you. If the forecast calls for rain in the next few days, it will delay the irrigation system. Too windy? Only drip irrigation will activate, preventing water from spraying everywhere. And soil moisture sensors can tell if the ground is wet or dry, letting your irrigation system know if its an appropriate time to water. That saves time, money, AND because it makes for healthier landscaping, you’ll enjoy the beauty of your yard even more!

Interested in increasing the comfort, security, and efficiency of your home by adding outdoor automation? Contact us to find out how we can be YOUR smart home experts!


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