Safety Awareness: The Smart Home Owner

We recently received a call from a concerned client. A man had come to her door and said he was with Intelligent Living Solutions. He asked her if she had cameras and insisted that he needed to enter the house to upgrade system components. 

She has one of our security signs posted in her front yard, alerting potential intruders that her home is protected with security from Intelligent Living Solutions. Having seen the same man go to a neighbor’s house, a home with a sign for different security provider, she was skeptical about the man’s claim, trusted her intuition, and did not let the man into her home. 

This really punctuates the importance of continued vigilance. Intelligent Living Solutions will never come to your home without first speaking with you. If you receive a visitor claiming he’s with us, but you are not expecting a service call at that particular date and time, be sure to call the police and report it. If your neighborhood has a group on NextDoor or has a Crime Watch group, post there as well. 

If you’re ever in doubt or have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Working side-by-side with you, our smart home owners, we can help increase the comfort, safety, and security of your home.

Be safe and well this Summer!