Home automation: From top to bottom

The dream of the 360° Smart Home that integrates all areas has become reality.

Of course, you can automate just about anything these days: lighting, climate, TV’s, security, even appliances. When we talk about FULLY automating a home, we’re talking about homes where all of these systems and more are connected and function in the background without you having to lift a finger or raise your voice.

For instance, lighting can be automated to create a soft path of light to the bathroom only at night, blinds open or close at certain times to keep the house warmer or cooler depending on season. Audio in the home (like the doorbell and music) can be programmed to only reach a certain volume when the baby is sleeping.  Your irrigation system will not activate if there is rain in the forecast or if it is too windy outside.

Stairway lighting offers safety and beauty.

Whole home automation isn’t just for the tech-savvy.  Done well, it is intuitive, user-friendly, with much of it requiring little to no effort from the home owner once we help you setup your preferences. It means safety and security for both families with young kids and for older generations seeking to age in place.

Whether your a home owner, builder, designer, contractor, or landscaper, working with the automation experts at Intelligent Living Solutions can enhance your project, giving you the safety, security, reliability, and beauty that every home deserves.

To learn more about the many products to choose from, visit the Loxone website. Considering adding automation to your home? Contact us for more information.

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